Single Under Guard Pass

Pass for when on top in the opponent’s closed guard.

Gain posture. Can threaten a choke to release opponent’s grips. Palm’s down, four fingers in collar, pull one down towards yourself, push other across opponent’s neck and up away from yourself. Sit up and bring in elbows as soon as they release grips.

Open the guard. Grip both lapels in the left hand and push down into the chest at the same time while holding the grip. Put the palm of the right hand on the hip bone and push into the ground. Post the right leg back. Use the right elbow to dig in between your own torso and the opponent’s leg, then push out to release the feet and open the guard. The moment the guard opens pull both elbows inside the opponent’s legs, crouch down, and grab the bottom of a lapel for balance.

From the crouch position load the opponent’s right leg onto your left shoulder and reach around to grab the lapel across the opponent’s body near the neck to lock the leg on the shoulder. The grip should be palm down, with the thumb inside the lapel. With the opponent’s leg on the left shoulder, push the leg up till their leg is touching their nose. Keep the lapel grip with the right hand for balance, keep heavy pressure on the opponent, and walk the feet around clockwise. Only the feet should be touching the ground to assist in keeping heavy on the opponent. Keep moving around till the leg pops out, do not let up pressure to get it out of the way. Then go into side control to finish the pass.