Gracie Barra Warm Up

The Gracie Barra warm up is done before each class. The number is a count for time, rather than strictly for reps. The count tends to stay at the quick pace the jumping jacks are done at initially. 1 to 5 is counted out loud by whoever leads the warm up, who calls out what comes next. 6 to 10 is counted by the whole class as a group. The count ends at 10 and begins again at 1 for 20 counts rather than going to 11.

20 Jumping Jacks.
10 Squats.
10 Push Ups.
20 Jumping Jacks.
10 Squats.
10 Push ups.
20 Choke Sit Ups.
20 Side sit ups (right leg up, left elbow to right knee).
20 Side sit ups (left leg up, right elbow to right knee).
20 Triangles.
10 head up and down.
10 chin to shoulder.
10 Ear to shoulder.
20 bridges.
20 Hip escapes.
10 Break-falls.
Stretch arms above head.
10 Right leg out stretch.
10 Left leg out stretch.
10 Both legs forward stretch.
10 Butterflies.
10 Legs out stretch.
Link hands under knees, roll onto back, hold it on 4th.