Choke From 50/50 Back Mount Against Turtle

A submission from the back, while the opponent is in turtle.

Keep heavy pressure on the opponent in turtle, from the 50/50 position keep your weight on the back of their neck using the hips. Make a noose with your arms, one reaches under the arm, the other between the arm and head and the hands grip to lock the hold. If your left arm is reaching under the opponents arm, use it to grab the close lapel (your opponents right) and loosen it for your right hand. The right hand, palm towards the ground, reaches across the neck and grips four fingers into the loosened lapel. The thumb pointing around the neck, getting the grip deep as possible. The left hand now reaches across and grips the other lapel the same way, it won’t be able to be as deep and doesn’t need to be. From here, bring the left foot up to near the opponents shoulder, and the right to the other shoulder. The aim is to put the opponents head under your right thigh to prevent it from moving up to escape the choke. Pull up, and cranks the hands at the same time to apply the choke.