Rolling Half Nelson

Submission attacking turtle from head to head.

Make a noose, the hand that goes over the shoulder gets gripped by the hand coming under the armpit. Assuming the right hand is over the shoulder, grab the back of the opponents right arm and drag it across and up their body. Use your left hand to open the near lapel and get a deep grip on that lapel across the opponents neck with your right hand. Thumb up on the opposite side of their neck. With the left hand reach under the opponents armpit and reach palm up to your own thigh, transferring it palm up to the back of the opponents head when you’ve reached far enough. Lean to your left and there should be a nice gap to begin a roll. Roll and come up to your knees, your left knee behind the opponents head. Punch the hand behind the head to the ground, and then pull with the right if the choke isn’t on yet to finish.