Post Tournament Review

I entered the Events BJJ Initiator Cup on the 29th of Jan, 2017. I got 3rd place, but only had one match which I lost on points. Prior to entering I hurt my back, which was not in the best condition on comp day and required a lot of tiger balm before the match so I could go out. The main take away for me from this tournament is never t compete again with an injury, and to be very careful to get back to full strength as a priority to prevent unnecessary time off from training. At the moment the aggravation to my back is the thing I’m most disappointed in, despite how much fun the day was.

Having a large group from the gym going together to compete and watch was fun. It’s great to see everyone supporting each other and encouraging each other.

My match can be seen here:

The start of the match was ok, I defended some take down attempts but didn’t manage to try anything myself, and got pulled into guard. My opponent was tall and lanky, so this was pretty easy for him. I did manage to avoid any adrenaline dumps this time, and was calm through the standing phase which is an improvement on last time. I still need lots of practice at stand up, and definitely need to focus on developing at least one a go to move that’ll work on both shorter and taller opponents.

Then I spent a lot more time than I should have in guard. To begin with I did ok at stopping any attacks and keeping posture, but was swept and ended up in bottom mount way too easily. I swept back in got back into closed guard, just not quick enough to prevent points. So I should work on a quicker response where possible. My opponent was aware of needing to hold mount long enough to score so based out pretty well just long enough to score.

I came straight back up into a triangle attempt, which I managed to defend. I did better than before, especially consider how long legged my opponent was, but getting put into triangles via my own mistakes still happens too often and I need to work on watching where my arms are/pinning the hips.

I spent some time trying to break guard, but wasn’t doing too well and got caught in a loop choke in closed guard. It was tight, but I had a hand in somehow and got out pretty quick. I heard my coach calling that the guard was open sometimes when my opponent was adjusting, and took advantage at the next call to pin a leg, slide my knee over, and grab head control for a pressure style(?) pass straight to mount.

In mount I made good use of grapevine against my opponents long legs. I managed to establish a solid mount and avoid sweep attempts. I got a poor Ezekiel choke attempt in, and realised that with shorter arms it was pretty easy to get inside for the set up. So I went for it again, and got a solid grip on it but couldn’t apply enough pressure to finish it.

I let my base go in an attempt to put enough pressure on the choke and got swept to an open guard. My opponent stood up and got out of the choke, so I switched to a take-down/sweep(?) grabbing both ankles, dropping my hips, and pushing with my legs. I almost managed to pull myself up to mount, but only managed to be on top in a scramble at which point the ref called stop as we were near the edge of the mat. The quick sweep was good, but I shouldn’t have given up mount. That was a mistake, as that’s the position I most want to be in to attack.

We got stood up and I wanted to go for a take-down that was fresh in my memory as it was trained just before the comp. Faking a guard pull for a sacrifice throw using the leg to lift the opponent and grips to turn them for the throw and pull yourself back up on top as they land. It didn’t work, and I ended up on bottom without the guard locked up. I didn’t manage to lock up the guard and ended up in bottom side control.

My opponent tried to go for knee on belly, and I managed to scramble back up and end inside closed guard. I went hard for a pass, but my technique was sloppy and couldn’t get anything to work. Time was called.

The Good

  • I could stay in mount.
  • I was calm during standing phases.
  • I learnt a lot, and had fun!

The Bad

  • I gave up  position for submission. I gave up my favourite position to hold on to a failed submission. Staying in mount would’ve tired my opponent and given me many more attack attempts.
  • Inside closed guard my posture is still poor, and I have a tendency to put my arms in bad places.
  • I (still) have no take-downs.

To Do

  • Pick a take-down to focus on and drill it anytime I get a chance till it’s solid.
  • Put myself in closed guard, practice getting out while keeping posture!
  • Work on finishing submissions without giving up mount. I’ll try learn cross collar from mount, as it’s a solid attack and will give me a chance to practice keeping mount with a submission I’m not good at and requires good mount control.