Sydney Cup 2 – 2017/04/30

Sydney Cup 2 on the 30th of April 2017.

Entered 85kg (88.3kg in gi) novice division.

Match 1 – Against someone that appeared to have some Judo, so tried to start with wrestling. Take downs need work, couldn’t land the double. Wrestling take downs seem like a good option, was more comfortable going for it this time even though I’m not good at it yet. Getting to the ground I ended up on bottom with hooks in (not sure if it was just one). I got set up with a z-guard deep collar grip but forgot to isolate the arm to set up the sweep. I felt my opponent keeping his neck high and long and felt that the loop choke was available. I went for it as he started to try pass and locked it in. I wasn’t sure if it was on properly so adjusted. I wasn’t sure if it was on, but remembered that in comps people tap late on chokes so I held it and got the tap. I was told after it was about a 40 second match. From this match I learnt that the techniques we learn in class, that everyone knows are coming, may not be know to other people. So practising on people who know whats coming will help pulling things off elsewhere.

Match 2 – The second match didn’t start as well. I was against a short opponent which made going for a wrestling take down difficult for me, and meant he had very good balance and landed a hip throw/trip on me. I was stuck on bottom most of the match, eventually getting up to closed guard, and getting caught in a triangle attempt just before the buzzer when trying to pass to get enough points to beat the two he got for the take down. This match was a struggle physically, but I came out much less tired than my opponent. So working on conditioning, relaxing, and breathing has been good. From this match I learnt a lot more, as it went the full 5 minutes and had more troubles. First of the biggest two points was I need to learn how to escape bottom of north south. I managed to stall my opponent a bit, and make it hard for him to attack. But being up on points he didn’t really need to do anything. Second is that I need to work on breaking closed guard. I got stuck there at the end, and despite knowing how to pass once the leg grip is broken I couldn’t get to that point.

I weighed in at ~84kg in the Gi, and am considering dropping down for the weight class below. The weight in the Gi is only ~3kg lower than I weighed in at, but I feel like it’s worth experimenting before the next comp. The weight class below mine is 79kg (82.3kg).