Class Summary 2017/05/01


Self Defence – The self defence technique was a sprawl to guillotine when someone shoots a take-down on you. The drill was when you have an aggressive  person threatening you and you need to make the first move. Throw a jab and the opponent slips and shoots a double leg. You respond with a sprawl, getting your hips off the line and dropping your weight on them. Before standing set up the guillotine, with the bone of the wrist on the neck and the thumb up near the ear. Lock the guillotine with the other hand, bringing the hips in and tucking the elbow as you stand and apply the choke.

Technique 1 – Arm bar from mount. Lean forward and use your torso to create pressure on your opponent and base your hands out wide. With the position established, and your opponent uncomfortable move up to a higher mount.  You should be high enough to push up the opponents elbows and create space to put your hand on their chest. Reach over their arms with you left arm, and under with the right and make a diamond with your hands.  Push down, placing all your weight on the opponents chest through your hands. Post your right leg, then bring your right around to a frog squat like position, still keeping all weight through your hands. Slide down the arm and back into an arm bar.

Technique 2 – Americana from mount. From a mid mount, pinch your knees and feet, keep your hips high to avoid getting bumped by a bridge. Using monkey grips (grips with the thumbs tucked so they don’t get broken) attack the top arm that is protecting the neck. Place one hand on the elbow and the other on the wrist. Use your body weight pushing down on the arm to drive it to the ground. The top elbow goes on the ground against the ear to lock the arm at 90deg. Lock up the kimura set up and rotate the opponents wrist away to take the slack out of the shoulder. Bring the elbow down to your knee, lift the elbow into the air, and paint the ground with the opponents wrist.


Technique 1 – Judo throw. Forgot the name.

Technique 2 – Suicide baseball bat choke. From knee ride set up baseball bat choke grips. If the opponent defends grabbing your elbows and preventing you tightening the choke you can roll over to the far side, go belly down and tighten the choke that way.

Technique 3 –  Arm bar from knee ride (neon belly). From knee ride, when the opponent defends by framing with their arms. If your right knee is on your opponent you want to attack the opponents left arm. Grab the wrist/end of the sleeve with your left hand, and put pressure on the shoulder with your right. Drive the arm into the ground, keep pressure on the shoulder, and keep weight on with the knee. Switch knees on the opponents belly, without jumping off them at any point, and swing the right leg all the way around to over the head. From here you’re in arm bar position and can just fall back into it. From the point you begin switching knees to when you fall back for the arm bar all your weight should be on your opponent and you should be balanced on them. You’ll always have three points of balance with both hands pushing an arm down and at least one knee always on the opponent.