Class Summary 2017/05/08


Self Defence – From the ground in turtle, with the attacker on your left. Bring up your left hand to cover your head from punches. Post the right hand, and post your left leg behind your attacker. Bring the left hand around to whizzer the attackers right arm, and sit through to guard with the right leg. Keep the whizzer to pull the attacker into guard, and wrap around the attackers head with your right arm to protect from punches on the ground. If the attacker posts their left leg to throw more punches do a pendulum  movement with your legs to sweep them. Alternatively use your right foot to hook the posted leg and do a hook sweep.

Technique 1 & 2 – Over under pass from guard top. One technique taught in two parts. When broken down in guard grab the lapels on both sides over the top. Pull the left down towards yourself and push the right across the neck to choke and create an opportunity to recover posture. For more leverage stand and push forward with your body weight. Recover posture and sit in good base, and set up grips. A gator grip with the right, a hip grip with the left, and keep your elbows in. Move your right knee into the centre of the opponents butt, post the right leg back, and round the lower back (knee to date, open the gate) to begin opening the guard. With the left hand pushing the hip down use the elbow to push into the opponents leg to finish opening the guard. Keeping the right elbow tucked in, swim the left hand under the opponents right leg and load it onto your right shoulder. Using a thumb in grip, reach across with the left hand to grab the opposite side lapel and bring all your weight onto your opponent. You should have their knee to their nose, using chest pressure, not the head, to load up the leg with the hips in. Keeping pressure forward by pushing with the toes, walk around to the left of your opponent till their leg pops out and you can take side control.