Class Summary 2017/05/10


Self Defence – From bottom of knee ride defending punches. Attacker is on the right, so bring up the right hand to defend the face from punches. Bring the left elbow in, hip escape a little towards the opponent. Roll onto the left shoulder a little, bring the right foot over, invert a little to square up with the standing opponent. Use the feet on the hips to manage distance, and upkick at the attackers face. This should create enough space to begin a technical lift. Kicking to the knee to create more space if required.

Technique 1 & 2 – Double under pass from top in closed guard. From being broken down, grab both lapels, pull one down and push the other over the throat. Stand and put all your weight into it if required to get the bottom player to stop breaking your posture and defend the choke. Immediately pull your elbows in and get good base. With a gator grip and hip grip push the hips down, bring the right knee into the centre of the opponents bottom, and post the left leg back. Round the lower back, and use the left elbow to push down the opponents leg to open the guard. Swim the left arm under the leg on your left, and your right arm the leg on your right. S-grip and drag the opponent under yourself, follow up by driving forward pinning the opponents knees to their nose.  Use the left hand to grip across the throat to the opposite side lapel, use the left hand to grip the pants. Step slightly left, and drop the hip to get the legs to pop out and take side control. Reach the right hand under to grip the collar to finish the bread cutter choke set up with the left hand.