Class Summary 2017/05/16

Week 12 – Class A


Self Defence – Front bear hug over the arms. Firstly place your hands on the opponents hips to stop them being able to pick you up. Keeping your arms straight back your hips away to break the attackers grip. Once the grip breaks take the right under hook and slip around to your right and take the back. Step the left foot in front of the attacker, then the right (both inside the attackers feet). Stick the hip out to the side to lift he opponent onto your hips, then turn and throw. Keep control of the arm and use your knee to control the attacker. Put the right hand on the opponents shoulder, and wrap the left around for a kimura grip.

Technique 1  Choke from front turtle top. Sprawl on north/south or front turtle from top. With the left hand reach behind the opponents arm to open the near side lapel. With the right hand reach in front of the arm across the neck for a four fingers in, thumb out, lapel grip. Reach across with the left hand to the opposite lapel and also make a four fingers in, thumb out, grip. Bring the left knee up and drive it forward. Put your right leg over the opponents head to stop it them lifting it up. Bring the elbows and together to put the choke on.

Technique 2 – Choke from side turtle. Tornado choke. From the right side, in side turtle reach the left arm around far enough to open the far side lapel, but not so far as to be trapped and rolled. With the right hand reach in front of the arm and across the neck to grab the far side lapel with a thumb in grip. Push on the back of the left shoulder with your left hand. Bring the right foot close.  Swing the left foot around the back and all the way around so you can sit on the opponents back facing to your opponents right. Sit back and keep downward pressure with your legs.