Class Summary 2017/05/17

Week 12 – Class B


Self Defence – Rear bear hug over arms. As soon as you feel the attacker set the bear hug from behind drop your weight to prevent them lifting and suplexing you. Bring your arms up in front of you (like you have a log in the crook of your elbows you are trying to lift high) to create space to move your arms. With the right hand grip the attackers right knee. Step behind the attacker with your right leg, and make a grip on their left knee with your left hand. Block behind their left leg with your right knee. Sit back to off balance and take down the attacker, keeping the grips. Keep heavy on the chest, switch the right grip to the neck to cross face first, then switch your hips to side control, and bring the left hand in to control the position.

Technique 1 – Back take from turtle. From head to head in turtle top, bring the right arm to your left of the opponents head to stop them followings you, and circle around to your left to side back. Bring the right arm in, and lock the seat belt grip with the left arm. Bring your right leg in so your right leg is blocking the opponents right leg, with leg positions matching (i.e. knee to knee). Hug the seat belt grip tight, bring the left leg up and fall to your right to get your opponent on their side and out of turtle. Put your hooks in to establish the back take.

Technique 2 – Lapel choke, and rear naked choke from the back. Both from seat belt grips with hooks in while sitting up. Both are assuming the right arm is over the top and the choking arm.

Lapel choke: Use the left hand to open the left side lapel and slide a deep thumb in grip up the left lapel. Make a thumb in grip with the left hand high on the right side lapel. Fall to your right (the “Master side”), arch your right wrist like when doing a cross collar choke, arch back, and keep the left hand pulling tight to keep the lapel taught.

Rear naked choke: If the chin is tucked use the left hand on the forehead to pull the opponents head back and expose the neck. Get the right arm deep and around the neck to that your elbow lines up with the opponents chin. Grab the left bicep with right hand. Bring the left hand behind the opponents head with your palm facing towards yourself. Squeeze with the arms, and expand and push the chest into the back of the opponent at the same time.