This blog is my personal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journal. The goal of this is to further my learning while off the mats. I’ll make notes of techniques taught in class that day to help with remembering the techniques quicker, make notes of things I need to work on, write out game plans, and sketch out more general learnings from BJJ. I don’t expect anyone to find this blog, so it’s not written for anyone else to get anything out of reading it.

The name Another White Belt comes from both me being just another white belt starting out in BJJ, and from this being my third “white belt”. Having trained in Kung Fu, and then Krav Maga before starting BJJ.

My BJJ history in milestones:
2016/05/02 — Started at Gracie Barra Campbelltown.
2016/06/01 — First white belt stripe.
2016/07/04 — Second white belt stripe.
2016/08/07 — Third white belt stripe.
2016/10/15 — Entered first tournament: GB CompNet. 1st place in adult, male, novice, 88.3kg division. 2 matches, 2 wins.
2017/01/11 — Fourth white belt stripe.
2017/01/29 — Entered second tournament: Initiator Cup. 3rd place in adult, male, novice, 88.3kg division. 1 match, 1 loss.
2017/04/30 — Entered third tournament: Sydney Cup 2. Didn’t place in adult, novice, 88.3kg division. 2 matches, 1 win, 1 loss.
2017/07/24 — Received my blue belt.
2017/11/20 — First stripe on blue belt.
2018/04/09 — Second stripe on blue belt.
2018/09/16 — Compnet tournament. 2 matches, won first, lost second, got second place.
2018/10/02 — Third stripe on blue belt.